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Available for Download. If there is a resolution not available for download we have the original copies at the City Office we can copy/scan for you. If you have any questions or requests please call 785-454-6622.

GAAP Waiver for 2022

Adopt Record Retention Schedule

Exceed RNR for 2023 Budget

Adopt Kansas Homeland Security Region F Hazard Mitigation Plan

Intent to Exceed RNR

Waive GAAP

Exceed the RNR (corrects Res 2021-2)

Exceed the Revenue Neutral Rate

Real Estate to Donald & Linda Miller

Warrant Checks Voided

Change date of City Official Elections

Loan Application for Water System

Funds provided for water system improvements

Certify application for 2019 Block Grant

Real Estate to Outdoor Obsessions, PVT LLC

Declaring City Boundaries

Public Hearing - Annexation

Declaring City Boundaries

Public Hearing - Annexation

Adopting NCK Mitigation Plan

Authorizing Mayor to sign Loan Application

Budget 2017 Exceeding Amount Levied in 2015

Real Estate to H&H Investments

Real Estate to Chris and Deanna Clausen

Special Election Question .5% Sales Tax

Real Estate to Marilyn Schoen

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