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City Ordinances

What is an Ordinance? It's a piece of legislation enacted by a municipal authority. Below are the most recent ordinances passed by the City Council. If there is an ordinance not available for download we have the original copies at the City Office that we can copy or scan for you. If you have any questions or requests please call 785-454-6622.

Water Rate Increase (2023)

Standard Traffic Ordinances 2023 Edition

Uniform Public Offense Code  2023 Edition

Join Osborne County Neighborhood Revitalization

Update City Code 2023

Municipal Judge Compensation

Franchise Agreement - Nextech

Standard Traffic Ordinances 2022 Edition

Unified Public Offense Code 2022 Edition

Expand Sunday Liquor Sales 

Standard Traffic Ordinances 2021 Edition

Unified Public Offense Code 2021 Edition

Water & Sewer Rates

Vacating Strand Avenue

Vacate Portion of Delay Street

Unified Public Offense Code 2020 Edition

Standard Traffic Ordinance 2020 Edition

Rezoning Lots 1-10, Blk 8 Peterman Street

Standard Traffic Ordinances 2019 Edition

Unified Public Offense Code 2019 Edition

Article IX “R-1” interpretations and construction

Water & Sewer Rates 2019 

Contract between City & Rural Fire/Rescue

Regulate Sale of Cereal Malt Beverage

KPWS Loan Fund for Public Water Supply Project

Regular Meetings of City Government

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