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Kansas Housing Assessment Tool
Community Engagement Survey

The City of Downs is working to complete the Housing Assessment Tool which is required to move forward in finding funding opportunities for future housing. As part of this, we are needing the public to engage by answering survey questions below.

If you are a CURRENT resident only!

Welcome to Downs!

Located in north-central Kansas, along the North Fork of the Solomon River, Downs is a haven to hunters, farmers and history buffs alike. 

Downs is located at the junctions of U.S. Highways 24 and 181, which allows people easy access to travel in any direction. The town and surrounding area is rich with history especially the Railroad and the Sod & Stubble driving tour.

Our town offers a little bit of everything for everyone. Come spend the day in Downs, where the faces are friendly, and the pace is a little slower than in the big city. Visit our many stores and businesses to find just the right items.

Dear Water Customer,

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently announced changed to drinking water regulations that require water suppliers to identify all materials used in the construction of the water system. The goal of these changes is to identify and remove all lead pipes in the drinking water system. The water supplier must identify all construction materials used on both the supplier’s side AND the customers side of the water meter, which means that we need your help!

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) is requiring the water supplier to submit this information before October 16, 2024. If the required information can not be gathered from the homeowner, KDHE may require the water supplier to excavate private lines in order to identify them. That would be very time consuming, destructive and expensive.

We need your help in order to complete this requirement. Please complete the survey below as soon as possible. You can also fill out the survey in paper form by downloading it here and bringing it to our City Office at 715 Railroad Street. If you have any questions please reach out and we will have someone from our water department assist you.

Take Our Lead Service Line Survey
Building Type
Water Service Line constructed material? (Water line from meter to house)
Water service line size (inches)
Water softener, filter or other treatment
Year internal plumbing was installed
Home internal plumbing material(primary material in the home)
Secondary internal plumbing material (secondary material in the home)

Thanks for submitting!

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Fax (785) 454-6246

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